GoldTrain Welcomes the world

Welcome Visitors!

In a recent one month period GoldTrain has welcomed visitors from 26 Nations!  Welcome aboard the GoldTrain!   Please make use of the translation utility for your preferred language!

Laughter is good medicine!

ISMO on Debt

Finish comedian talks about the World's debt!

Don't be a 'Milk Cow'

Find your Freedom - Keep your freedom!

Freedom is a universal aspiration.  We want to be free, and we want you to be free also!   Unfortunately being a 'debt serf' benefits a few who would rather you didn't find financial freedom. 

Fiat money is guaranteed to loose value.  They tell us ' 2% inflation is good'  (good for who?)

   Bank deposits make you an unsecured  'creditor' to the bank... meaning last in line for help if the bank fails.   Government deposit insurance you say?  That will cover less than 1% of private deposits.  The Banksters have captured the control of our money.  Be bold, use gold!

Yellen said it will be like watching paint dry....Unwind a 4 trillion dollar balance sheet and raise interest rates at the same time...  Yea maybe not...