Who to believe ?



           One of my favourite lines from the movie ‘The Matrix’ is from the  character Morpheus…"You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up  in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill,  you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole  goes….remember, all I’m offering is the truth.”      Isn't it true that often we are more comfortable to not dig below  the surface to find out how things really are, rather than just what  they appear to be.

They don't teach this in economics class....

Common myths and objections about returning to Gold as money..


  1. There isn't enough of it.  Wrong.  There always is if you get the price right.  Remember it is divisible.
  2. It is not practicle to use in everyday commerce. Wrong - it is on it's way back, get involved in Kinesis and use gold for payment!
  3. It might not be safe.  At Kinesis or Goldmoney®, It is real gold, in your title, in a private vault such as Brinks, outside the banking system, inside the law, and outside your country if you like.  Sounds safer to me than blips on a computer hard drive! (What you call a bank deposit)  Hello!!!
  4. It just isn't used as money any more.  Wrong, Goldmoney® alone has over 1.4 million account holders.  Kinesis has a yield system designed to beat Gresham's Law. Have you heard of a couple little countries called 'CHINA' or 'INDIA'?  They consider it money.  Guess who comes out ahead when fiat currencies get printed into oblivion?  But hey, it's your hard earned savings...
  5. You can't eat it... (honestly this is an objection).  Pull out a $10 bill, you want to eat that? 
  6. It is too expensive....   Relative to what, and how much?  Just buy the amount of grams you want.   Read this about the inflation adjusted gold price.
  7. It's a pet rock.   (LOL)  WSJ Article


 As you begin to gaze into 'Red Pill' reality, two facts should begin to come into focus:


 1.  Gold & Silver are real money.  Created with intrinsic attributes designed to be tools for productivity and good.


 2.  People in power have designed imposters of these creations for short sighted and selfish ends.   It is in their interest to keep you misdirected and playing with their 'monopoly money'.  
          You now have a choice to continue supporting the deception, or step out of their FAKE money and come back to reality...