Kinesis - Pre-Launch Webinar

Check out this great update from the Kinesis team on Aug 8th!

Kinesis Update on TF Metals Report!

Kinesis at the UN


Kinesis CEO speaking at the UN

Thomas Coughlin and Advisory Board member Sergio Fernandez De Cordova spoke on the panel at the United Nations Blockchain for Impact 2019 Global Summit earlier this week. The theme was designed to deliver insightful and positive social and environmental impact around the world. Our focus is designed to encourage more diversity, education, and government engagement and support in the blockchain sector.   Sergio Introduces Tom at about 30 min in.

Product Preview


Kinesis Monetary System


The life of a Kinesis Currency Unit

Kinesis Kau explained

1 KAU = 1 gram of gold.   An example of the cradle to grave life of a kau.

Why participate in the KMS?

Kinesis Monetary System

One man's opinion of the Kinesis Monetary System (KMS) and why he is invested in it.  (MP4)

Minter's and Holder's Yield

Minting Yield Holders Yield

Watch a short video explaining the Kinesis 'Minter' and 'Holder' yields!



kinesis documentation

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